"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" - Mark 16:15


T.D. Jakes

You have to be Comfortable
with Controversy

You have to be comfortable with controversy by T.D. Jakes

Just because your trying to do a good thing - doesn't mean that your going to be recognized for doing a good thing. And so as you move into leadership - I want you to get rid of that sensitive heart that you have from being on the back row and toughen it up a little bit to understand that not only will you have controversy from the people on the outside but also the very people you are trying to help will be fighting you while your trying to help them. If you don't believe that ask Moses what happened to him when he started leading the children of Israel out of Egypt trying to save them and save their situation. He got more grief from the children of Israel than he did from Pharaoh - because often the people you are trying to help the most will be fighting you the most.

I can;t believe he brought us out here to die. He should have left us alone - kept us back there in Egypt - kept us comfortable- kept us safe. And all the while he is trying to save them- their trying to destroy him. They say- - he doesn't know what he's doing - he must be crazy. And your trying to help people that are hurting you and your fighting off this over here and your trying to fight off them over there and all of that you must become comfortable with if your going to be a leader.

In fact - Moses becomes a good illustration of it but as a leader you need to develop the weaponry of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah is a great illustration of great leadership - because Nehemiah is building back the walls of Jerusalem- which is helping the people of Jerusalem - while he is being fought on every side and he begins to build the wall with a trowel in one hand- a trowel. But you cannot become so distracted by what you are called to do that you don't have a sword in the other hand to fight the people that are trying to kill your destiny so you got to have a two handed approach to leadership - building with one hand and fighting with the other. You can't stop building and just become engrossed in fighting and you can't stop fighting and become engrossed in building - that's why God gave you two hands - build with one and fight with the other.

Don't forget you got two hands. You got two hands.

You can't stop building and you cant stop battling. You got to battle and build, battle and build, battle and build, battle and build.

In fact the more you build - the more you battle - the more you build- the more you battle - the more you build the more you battle and finally you get to a place where the folks who were fighting you will change their minds and the wicked will cease from troubling and the weary shall be at rest.