"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" - Mark 16:15

T D Jakes Quotes

Quotes by Bishop T. D. Jakes

"I believe God!"

"I can't go back!"

"Your faith is in a fight."

"I thank God for prayer."

"Victory is waiting on you."

"Grace will abound over sin!"

"Miracles begin with relationship."

"I feel like preaching this morning!"

"Christ in you- the hope of Glory!"

"You cannot have victory without conflict."

"You can't have healing without sickness."

"Something is going to happen at church!"

"You are no greater than what you believe."

"You are no stronger than your belief system."

"You will never understand pleasure without pain."

"God's grace is painted on the canvas of despair."

"The greater the battle - the greater the spoils."

"Faith becomes the foundation I'm built on."

"Something happens whenever you sacrifice."

"The enemy is great at changing a word or two!"

"I'm not walking by sight- I'm walking by faith."

"Salvation is the root - the resurrection is the fruit."

"Faith must always pass the test of discouragement."

"It's not too early to give your life over to the Lord."

"I came to serve notice on the devil- he is a liar!"

"Anything that does not affect your destiny is up to you."

"Everybody in here got something that you struggle with."

"When you can't do nothing but pray- you've done a whole lot."

"If your in anything and never wanted to quit it - your not in much."

"Jesus did not teach people to have faith - he said have faith in God."

"It is not about you- it's about what God is going to do in your life!"

"I don't know about you- but I couldn't live with life without God."

"I can never experience the next realm of glory until I crucify myself."

"Your latter days are supposed to be greater than your former days."

"Even when things are getting worse instead of better - I believe God!"

"It is God's objective to make your condition line up with your position."

"If Jesus didn't come here to save us from our sins - what did he come for?"

"You face your greatest opposition when your closes to your biggest miracle."

"The Word I'm giving you- you want to take it to the place where you gave up."

"You don't know how much you've grown- until trouble comes back for an encore."

"Faith becomes a bridge between where I am and where I want to go- it is a substance."

"All of us have not been to a natural prison, but everybody in here has had a spiritual prison."

"The challenge of the believer is to take the faith that you got in here and take it to the place out there."

"Isn't it funny how something that will later be a blessing can be a curse if you get it too soon."

"God will give you anything as long as you understand that he is the primary and not the secondary."

"Grace doesn't run from trouble- in fact it looks for trouble as a backdrop so that you can see how strong it is."

"You don't have to sin to be carnal. People who are carnal just means they make all their decisions based on their senses."

"If you seek to save your life - you will lose it - but if you will just surrender and just lose your life- for my sake you will find it!"

"You are not going to defeat this devil with will power - you need the power of God and if you lose your faith you've lost the fight."

"Isn't it funny how God will let you be at the right place at the right time with the right people to get what you want from the Lord."

"Prayer will get you out of a pinch, prayer will get you out of a crises, prayer will get you out of your dilemma, prayer will get you out of your trouble."

"It is possible for you to get a grip on the thing that used to have a grip on you. And instead of it controlling you- you are now controlling it."

"I fully intend to preach the word of God to you until there's a difference between how you walk out of here and how you walked in here."

"You've done everything that you know how to do, you've tried everything and everything has failed, but it's not to late for God- even now!"

"If Jesus didn't come here to save us from our sins - what did he come for? I don't believe that he came to give us cars and Cadillacs and big houses and rings and diamonds and gold and silver."

"There are some fires you can't get out of- you've got to go through the fire - you've got to go through the flood - you've got to go through the test - you've got to go through the struggle that you might decrease and he might increase."

"You got a devil to fight. If you got to walk around with your eyes closed- go ahead and do it- cause you got a devil to fight. If you got to be lonely and stay by yourself- go ahead and do it - you got...."

"You went down so that you can come up, you cried so that you can rejoice, you mourned so that you can dance, you did without so that you can overcome, you want to tell every devil in hell. Somebody holler the fight is on."

"Come hell or high water you will never take me back to the place I was before. I have been through too much to let life whoop me again. My faith is stronger than it's ever been, my mind is more tenacious than it's ever been, my soul is more absolute."

"This is not about you, this is not about cosmetics, this is not about a logo, this is a belief system that becomes a ... of my strength and when all hell is breaking loose I stand on it as a sure foundation. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah"

"I'll give you some symptoms of a sign that your faith is deteriorating - whenever you face all of your problems and you trust only your plans to get you out- it is a sign that your faith is deteriorating."

"If you can disappoint yourself as much as you love yourself and you still manage to disappoint yourself then why are you shocked when other people that you love disappoint you."

"Whenever you face obstacles, crises and dilemmas and your confidence is in your associates more than in God- it is a sign your faith is deteriorating."

"Faith will get in the ditch with you, faith will go in the prison with you, faith will go into divorce court with you, faith will go in the hospital with you, faith will go in the nursing home with you."

"You have to recognize as troubles and trials and tests come into your life you have to recognize that there is a God who sits high and looks low and has all power and has all power in his hand and if you want to communicate with the divine you do it by faith

"There is a higher power, a higher influence, a God who rules and reigns and controls circumstances and situations that are beyond your area and realm of authority."

"Many of us harbor hidden low self-esteem. We deem everything and everyone more important that ourselves and think that meeting their needs is more important than meeting our own. But if you run out of gas, everyone riding with you will be left stranded."

"In order to make this journey- you have to make it without baggage. You can't carry loads of bags with weight on you in order to be free and Jesus gives you an invitation to come unto him. Now you have to come to him- you will not get rest from anybody else. If you go to anybody else your going to find more work."

"Baptism was to put a line of demarcation between your past sins when you are buried with Him by Baptism- you are burying your past sins- eradicating them- putting a line in the sand saying that old man is dead and he is no longer alive any more and I rise up to walk in the newness of life."

"All over this nation, all over this world there are people going to church today and they say they are believers, but until you can take what you've been taught and bring it to the place you gave up - you will never be the radical believer that you need to be for the times in which we live."

"It does matter where you go to church, it does matter where you worship, it does matter where you lift your head, it does matter where you cry out to God. There is something about the atmosphere. I might be lame, but put me in the atmosphere. I may be drunk, but put me in the atmosphere. I may be weak, but put me in the atmosphere."

"Nobody wants somebody who wants them for what they have or the position their in- you want somebody who wants you for you. In case it all goes crazy and it all turns to dust. I want somebody who loves me in the welfare line, eating gumbo, eating fish,black eyed peas and rice. I want somebody that loves me. God wants you to love him, not his cars, not his house, not his blessing- love him."

"I like to be in a prayerful atmosphere. I tell my wife if I ever get sick, if I ever get paralyzed, if I ever get where I can't move, if I ever get where I can't talk roll my big hind end into church. Put me in an atmosphere with some praying people. I might not be able to talk, but let me soak it up- because there's something about being around prayer. You don't even have to be the one praying, but if you get around somebody who really know how to pray - prayer will lift you when you've fallen, prayer will catch you when you've lost your grip, prayer will stop you from going overboard, prayer will bring you out!"

"Your trying to get a God to move for you that you don't speak to, you don't talk to, your don't worship, you don't serve, you don't live for him, you don't seek Him and then in the time of trouble you talking about- do something for me- and if he doesn't do it- you got the nerve to have an attitude- but miracles begin with relationship."

"I see too many people who are trying to exercise in faith who do not have a relationship with God. The only time they come to God is when they are in dire need in perilous circumstances and they look to Him to get them out of the crises- but they have not built the infrastructure of relationship up under their faith - they are just using God because their in trouble."

"This is the bag of pride. This is what won't let you admit you got anything wrong with you. Its a little bag, but its a lethal bag. This bag God hates more than any other bag. He hates the look of this bag. This is the bag we hide all the time- this is a bag that we hide all the time- it is the bag of pride - where your image is everything."

"This is an unusual bag- it's different from all the rest... this is the baggage of my dreams. It's not a sin, it's not a weight, it's not a curse after the normal order- this is the weight of being a dreamer. The baggage of my dreams - stops me from being satisfied- because I dream so much bigger than I live. The baggage of my dreams - to him who much is given- much is required. I could be happy here- but my dreams are so much bigger than my reality. It is the baggage of dreams. It is hard to make a dreamer happy, because dreamer's dreams keep moving forward. If you give them a house- they'll dream of a garage. If you give them a garage they'll dream of a driveway. You give them a driveway they'll dream of a boat. Are there any dreamers in this rooms. And my dreams- I probably could have carried them if it were for my guilt, my pride and my sin."

"Real worship just lets it go. You don't even look back to see how it's going to turn out. Real worship says Lord whatever takes for me to have any joy, whatever it takes Lord for me to have any peace. I throw myself down in your presence. Bless me Lord. I need your love. I need your glory, I need your presence..... Into thy presence I come.... Restore my joy. Restore my peace. Restore my victory."

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