"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" - Mark 16:15

God Uses Ordinary People
God uses ordinary people to do His work

Jacob A deceiver Father the Israelite nation Genesis 27
Joseph A slave To save his family Genesis 39
Moses Shepherd and murderer To lead Israel to the Promised land Exodus 3
Gideon Farmer To deliver Israel from Midian Judges 6:11
Jephthah Son of a harlot To deliver Israel from Ammonites Judges 11:1
Hannah Homemaker Mother of Samuel 1 Samuel 1
David Shepherd boy Israel's greatest king 1 Samuel 16
Ezra Scribe Lead the return to Judah and write parts of the Bible Ezra, Nehemia
Esther Slave girl To save her people from massacre Esther
Mary Peasant Girl The mother of Christ Luke 1:27-38
Matthew Tax Collector An apostle and Gospel writer Matthew 9:9
Luke Greek Physician Companion of Paul and Gospel writer Colossians 4:14
Peter Fisherman An apostle, leader of writer of two New Testament letters Matthew 4:18-20

Compiled by Thomas George









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