"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" - Mark 16:15

George Muller Quotes

Quotes by George Muller


"What a difference grace makes!"

"Who am I that I should despise my brother?"

"Through faith in Jesus we are now the sons of God."

"Above all things, see to it that pour souls are happy in the Lord."

"Where Faith begins, anxiety ends; Where anxiety begins, Faith ends."

"Love is of God. God is love; and he who loves most is most like God."

"The word of God is our only standard, and the Holy Spirit our only teacher."

"In the Scriptures, by the power of the Holy Ghost, He makes Himself known unto our souls."

"God is the Author of salvation, and this salvation is to be obtained entirely in the way of grace."

"There will be no difference in heaven. There all are of one mind. Let us aim at the heavenly condition."

"To learn strong faith is to endure great trials. I have learned my faith by standing firm amid severe testings."

"Every instance of obedience, from right motives, strengthens us spiritually, whilst every act of disobedience weakens us."

"Then let us remember that we are His stewards. Our time, our health, our strength, our talents, our all, are His, and His alone."

"In the whole work we desire to stand with God, and not to depend upon the favourable or unfavourable judgment of the multitude."

"What an evil it is that keeps sinners from coming to Jesus Christ? And that evil is unbelief: for by faith we come; by unbelief we keep away."

"In gratitude to that blessed One, who laid down His life that I might be saved, let me obey; and if I find pride keeps me from it, let me seek grace to subdue it."

"Believing in Jesus, we have one common life; the precious blood of Jesus has purchased us; we are the children of God by faith as assuredly as we trust in Him for salvation."

"We ought to love one another in spite of the weaknesses and infirmities we see in one another. My brethren have their infirmities, I have my infirmities; God knows them all..."

"Prayer and faith, the universal remedies against every want and every difficulty; and the nourishment of prayer and faith, God's holy word, helped me over all the difficulties."

"My aim now is, to bear with those who may be less instructed; and, in the measure in which I am able to follow the example of my adorable Lord, the result is peace and joy in the Holy Ghost."

"Let there be more prayer, more study of the Word, more humility, more acting out what we already know; thus shall we be more united together, not only in love, but in one mind and in one judgment."

"Love is of God. God is love; and he who loves most is most like God. All the members of the heavenly family should remember the precious blood that bought them, and love one another whilst on the way to their Father's house."

"All, to a greater or less degree, are weak as yet, uninstructed as yet; none have room for boasting. We are all debtors to the grace of God, and should, therefore, praise more abundantly, and walk more humbly, and seek more fully to bear 3 one another's burdens."

"I affectionately and earnestly entreat my dear fellow-believers, especially the young, to ponder this. Pray to be kept from a spirit of high-mindedness. What you have and are, you have and are by the grace of God, and that should lead you to deal tenderly with your fellow-disciples."

"My business is, with all my might to serve my own generation; in doing so I shall best serve the next generation, should the Lord Jesus tarry... The longer I live, the more I am enabled to realize that I have but one life to live on earth, and that this one life is but a brief life, for sowing, in comparison with eternity, for reaping."

"I live in the spirit of prayer. I pray as I walk about, when I lie down and when I rise up. And the answers are always coming. Thousands and tens of thousands of times have my prayers been answered. When once I am persuaded that a thing is right and for the glory of God, I go on praying for it until the answer comes. George Mueller never gives up!"

"The power for good or evil that resides in a little child is great beyond all human calculation. A child rightly trained may be a world-wide blessing, with an influence reaching onward to eternal years. But a neglected or misdirected child may live to blight and blast mankind, and leave influences of evil which shall roll on in increasing volume till they plunge into the gulf of eternal perdition."

"I find it a difficult thing, whilst caring for the body, not to neglect the soul. It seems to me much easier to go on altogether regardless of the body, in the service of the Lord, than to take care of the body, in the time of sickness, and not to neglect the soul, especially in an affliction like my present one, when the head allows but little reading or thinking.-- What a blessed prospect to be delivered from this wretched evil!"

"Here is the great secret of success. Work with all your might; but trust not in the least in your work. Pray with all your might for the blessing of God; but work, at the same time, with all diligence, with all patience, with all perseverance. Pray then, and work. Work and pray. And still again pray, and then work. And so on all the days of your life. The result will surely be, abundant blessing. Whether you see much fruit or little fruit, such kind of service will be blessed..."

"We who are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves. When we meet with a weak brother, as to grace or knowledge, our natural tendency is to say, Oh, he is a weak one. The carnal mind says, Put him aside. But the Word of the blessed Lord 2 says, Bear the infirmities of the weak. If I am strong, let me prove my strength by putting my shoulder to the burden. If I cannot bear with the weakness of my brother it is a plain proof that I am a weak one myself."

"God is the Author of salvation, and this salvation is to be obtained entirely in the way of grace. Men cannot, in the least degree, help God in obtaining it. Salvation is entirely from God, bestowed in the way of grace through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, whom He wounded, bruised, and punished in our room and stead. Jesus, having given Himself to be our substitute, was punished for us. The Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all. And all that is required of us is to accept or believe in Him-to accept the salvation which He gives us freely. If, therefore, any one feeling himself a sinner, asks How shall I get this precious salvation? the Word of God replies, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (that is, trust in the Lord Jesus Christ), and thou shalt be saved."

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