"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" - Mark 16:15

G. Campbell Morgan Quotes
Quotes by G. Campbell Morgan


"Sin is never little."

"Salvation is the power to do right."

"The Spirit is always unveiling Christ."

"Holiness is the work of the Spirit."

"Salvation is righteousness made possible."

"The man in Christ Jesus is no longer self-centered, but God-centered."

"Love of self. I begin there because that is the root principle of all godless life."

"The forgiveness of our trespasses can come to us only through His blood. . ."


"Sin is not a small act. Sin is something which, once committed, cannot be undone."

"God's plan for man is the ultimate realization of high purpose in the spiritual places."

"Times have not altered human nature, nor have they changed the essential character of Christianity."

"Paradox of Christianity which no man can explain--there is no joy like the fellowship of His suffering!"

"Hell, according to Scripture is failure, with all that it means in the consciousness and experience of man."

"The only reason why those born again of the Spirit are left in the world is that they may be His witnesses."

"The will of God should be the supreme matter, beyond the doing of which the soul should have no anxiety."

"If you cannot be a Christian where you are, you cannot be a Christian anywhere. It is not place but grace."

"The man who does as he likes is the greatest slave. The man who never does as he likes is God's free man."

"There is plenty in the world for every man to live in comfort, and all lack is the result of human mismanagement."

"Do not miss the blessedness of the fact that the fellowship of His sufferings means that He has fellowship with us."

"Fellowship with God means we have gone into business with God, that His enterprises are to be our enterprises."

"Prayer is the voice of man in his need speaking to God: prophecy is the voice of God in His power speaking to man."

"God will not come and help men to do their work. He asks that they should give themselves to Him for the doing of His work."

"Holiness results in the passing of all the distinctive excellencies of Christianity from the realm of theory into that of experience."

"There is no profounder proof of grace of character than that of being able to suffer wrongfully and yet to manifest a gracious spirit."

"In God intelligence is unlimited, emotion is unlimited, will is unlimited. In men all these facts are found, but in each case within limitations."

"If you are simply setting out in life to amass mere material success, fame created or position gained, then success will be the most dismal and disastrous failure."

"It does not necessarily follow that when the light falls upon the spirit of man, he understands the source of the light. The light is the first fact; the understanding of the source follows."

"Christianity has never become, nor can it become, independent of the Person of Jesus the Christ... It began with Christ. It has continued through Him. It must stand or fall with Him."

"If a man shall build his character upon the basis of truth, which shall find itself in harmony with God, then that man has made a success, though he never make a fortune, and never make a name."

"Let the end be as the beginning. There is but one thing that matters. It is that God's Will should be done... The ultimate issue will be perfect compensation for all the toil of the pathway that leads thereto."

"The man who openly blasphemes, and who, standing under the sun, looks up at the heavens and says, "I hate God," is far less dangerous in the influence of his life than the man who says, "I love God," and disobeys Him."

"Every one of us exerts influences which will have their effect upon other lives, and the generations yet unborn will be lifted nearer God or thrust into deeper darkness, because we have lived and moved and had our being on the earth."

"So many live as though the whole purpose of life were realised in the little day on earth. Yet men know that it is not so, that this passing life is preparatory and probationary. Today men sow, to morrow they reap. The reaping depends upon the sowing."

"A Christian cannot consent to enrich himself by taking advantage of the downfall or misfortune of another man. That man who strikes a bargain to his own profit which takes advantage of some pressing need on the part of another is none of Christ's."

"The Spirit is always unveiling Christ. Your responsibility and mine if we would cooperate with Him in witness is that we obey when He speaks. When Christ is seen in a new light, the light is calling you to obey its claim. Answer it and you will become the thing you have seen. Deny it and you will sink to lower levels."

"If we are truly waiting for Jesus, we shall not be careless of those for whom He died; and we shall not dare disobey His word which bids us preach the gospel to every creature. But as far as individual life is concerned, the coming One should fill the heart's vision through all the days and moments."

"Satisfied with the private life in Nazareth, with the honest toil of the carpenter's shop, with the years of public ministry, with the deeds of love that had been scattered over all the pathway, the whole life of Jesus from beginning to end had given satisfaction to the heart of God."

There are four facts concerning Christ which cannot be disputed by any person of intelligence and honesty.... Let me state them in order. Christ is the revealer of the highest type of human life. Christ is the redeemer of all types of human failure. Christ is the ruler over the most remarkable empire that man has ever seen. Christ is demonstrated the restorer of lost order, wherever He is obeyed.

"The will of God ensures the pleasure of man, because God is love. This is, perhaps, at once the simplest and sublimest statement that revelation has made concerning the nature of God.... If, then, God is love, His Will is the Will of love; and the common mistake that law and love are in any sense antagonistic must be once and forever abandoned."

"These two words, holiness and righteousness, mark two aspects of one condition. Holiness has to do with character; righteousness with conduct. They cannot possibly be separated from each other. They are as 'intimately related as are root and fruit. There can be no fruit unless there be a root. If there be living root it must issue in fruit. There can be no righteousness unless there is holiness; holiness must issue in righteousness. Holiness describes being; righteousness describes doing."

"The forgiveness of our trespasses can come to us only through His blood. . . God will give you perfect and full pardon now if you will trust Him, if you will take it of His grace, if instead of attempting to win it, if instead of attempting to merit it you will just come as a poor, guilty, ruined soul--for such you are--and, kneeling at the foot of the Cross, will take God's pardon through Jesus Christ, that is all."

"Every day I need the Cross more . . . Every day I live this Christian life I am more and more conscious that I cannot understand the mystery of all Jesus did; yet more and more conscious that by the way of that Cross, and that Cross alone, my wounded heart is healed, my withered soul is renewed, my deformed spirit is built up, my broken manhood is remade; and every day I live I sing in my heart with new meaning,"

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