"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" - Mark 16:15

Derek Prince Quotes

Quotes by Derek Prince

"I believe Islam is the scepter of wickedness if ever there was a scepter of wickedness."

"The Scripture also speaks of the beauty of holiness. There is a beauty in holiness when it proceeds from the Holy Spirit."

"The Bible gives us no liberty to tolerate the incursion of evil into the church. We are not to be passive; we are not to be neutral."

"Sometimes, God fills us with His own laughter that we may share in His triumph over those who are both His enemies and ours."

ďIím convinced out of scripture that poverty is a curse. If itís not a curse, why do you work so hard to get rid of it? If poverty is a blessing, why not pursue it?Ē

"And the Lord told Jeremiah that his word was a hammer which breaks the rock in pieces. I tell people the hammer is guaranteed, itís the rock that will have to break."

ďThe problem with most religious people is they try to earn grace but you canít earn it. And as long as youíre trying to earn it by works, you donít receive it. At some point you just have to stop trying to earn it and just receive it.Ē

"The Bible gives us no liberty to tolerate the incursion of evil into the church. We are not to be passive; we are not to be neutral. Proverbs 8:13 says, The fear of the Lord is to hate evil. It is sinful to compromise with evil. It is sinful to be neutral toward evil."

"It is possible to make divine decrees in our prayers to change the course of history if youíre praying by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and in line with scripture because Jesus said the scripture cannot be broken. Anything that opposes scripture ultimately must be broken, but the scripture never."

"Man was created in the image and likeness of God to exercise authority over the animal kingdom (see Genesis 1:26). Man is, in fact, the highest order of the creation described in the opening chapters of Genesis. This has a bearing on the way the Holy Spirit blesses us. He uplifts those whom He blesses. He will at times cause an animal to act in some ways like a human being. But He will never degrade a human being by causing him to act like an animal."

ďJesus is the channel of all grace. Only through Jesus is Godís grace made available. The cross is the basis of the offer of grace and we receive it by faith, not by works. Nobody can explain the grace of God. Itís unexplainable. Why did God permit Jesus to go through the terrible agonies of the cross on behalf of people like you and me? And the Bible never gives any explanation. So I would say donít try to look for one. Just be willing to receive by faith the measureless grace of God. The unexplainable grace of God.Ē

ďA lot of people think Jesus was poor during his earthly ministry. I donít. He didnít have a lot of cash but he was never in need. Anybody who can feed 5,000 people in the wilderness is not exactly poor. And when he needed money for the taxes, he didnít go to the bank, he went to the lake and got it out of a fish. I mean, whatís the difference whether you get it out of a fish or the bank! My little statement about Jesus in his earthly ministry is this: He didnít carry a lot of cash, but he always used his Fatherís credit card.Ē

ďThe critics of Jesus in his day never questioned that he could heal the sick. They did deny his claim to forgive sins. The church today, the evangelical church takes it for granted that peopleís sins can be forgiven but stumbles over the fact that people can be healed. Which is harder? To forgive sins or to heal sickness? Which is the greater miracle? That our sins can be forgiven. Thereís no miracle that transcends that.Ē

"A slave has no choice about the type of job that he or she will perform for his or her master. One slave may be a cook, another a prostitute - it is the slave ownerís decision. That is how we were. Some may have been respectable slaves, but they were no better than those who were not so respectable. Do not despise prostitutes or alcoholics, for it was the slave ownerís decision that made them what they are. Satan decided what they would be, but Jesusí blood breaks his hold and sets them free from the devilís designs."

"We need to observe a distinction between wisdom and understanding on the one hand, and education and cleverness on the other. There are many educated, clever people who do not have wisdom or understanding. Cleverness is a matter of the mind, but wisdom goes deeper than that. Itís possible to have high education and in many ways to be a fool. An American president once said that if a man is a thief and uneducated, he may steal a railroad car, but if you educate that man heíll steal the whole railroad!"

"God the Father made him, Jesus the Son, to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him.í That is staggering! If you think itís staggering that he took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses, this is infinitely more staggering. He was made sin with our sinfulness that we might become righteousness with his righteousness. Whatís the exchange? Not a problem. You donít have to be a theologian. In fact if you were a theologian youíd probably have problems. Now forgive me, Lord. I just get so impatient with people who make the Bible complicated. My whole aim in life is to make it simple. I may not succeed but at least thatís what Iím trying to do."

"The Bible gives us no liberty to tolerate the incursion of evil into the church. We are not to be passive; we are not to be neutral. Proverbs 8:13 says, The fear of the Lord is to hate evil. It is sinful to compromise with evil. It is sinful to be neutral toward evil. In John 10:10 Jesus spoke about the thief, the devil, who comes: to steal, to kill and to destroy. We always need to remember, whether it is in an individual life or in a congregation, the devil only comes with three objectives: to steal, to kill and to destroy. I can remember many times I have been speaking with a person who needed deliverance from an evil spirit, and I have said to that person, "Remember, the devil has three reasons for being in your life: to steal, to kill and to destroy. You need to take a stand against him, not be neutral - you must drive him out." What is true of an individual is true of a congregation. It is true for the body of Christ, worldwide."


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