"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" - Mark 16:15

Charles Finney Quotes

Quotes by Charles Grandison Finney


"The treasure is in heaven."

"Law is the revealed will of the law-giver."

"A pure heart cannot be a friend of the world."

"Faith is a natural condition of your salvation."

"Sin is the most expensive thing in the universe."

"A tender heart always brings great peace to the soul."

"The Gospel does not save whom it does not sanctify."

"The Christian warfare is a war between the will and Satan."

"Sin is a state of mind, which is the opposite of the law of God."

"They who neglect their duty to God never really fulfill any duty to man"

"Sinners should not follow their feelings, but obey the voice of conscience."

"The great and fundamental sin, which is at the foundation of all other sin, is unbelief."

"Faith without love will never save man; but let me say, that true faith is always true love."

"The Bible divides all the human race into two classes only; the righteous and the wicked."

"It must not be forgotten that all sin is voluntary disobedience and cannot be anything else."

"The Bible teaches that sin is forgiven when it is repented of, but never while it is persisted in."

"That a man who will cheat and defraud his neighbour, does not love him as he does himself..."

"Persistence in any form of sin is fatal to the soul, because it is utterly inconsistent with saving faith."

"Let it then be understood that Christ came in human flesh to reveal before our eyes the great love of God."

"Being in Christ implies that we commit ourselves to him, to be pardoned by his blood, quickened by his grace, controlled by his will."

"Christian, lift up your head, and proclaim yourself free. The God of truth has declared that you are not, and shall not be a slave to sin."

"A pure heart consisting as it does in consecration to God and its necessary results, it must seek its pleasures in doing God's will and in building up his kingdom."

"Christ is chiefly precious because he saves from wrath, much more than because he saves from sin; more because he justifies, than because he sanctifies."

"Peace is opposed to war. A war of mind is a state of mutiny, where the heart, and conscience, and perhaps other powers of the mind, are in conflict with each other."

"To love the law, or will of God, is to have our will submerged in his will--to have no will of our own, separate from his; but to will with all our heart, that his will should be done."

"God's love to man is good-will--a pure and strong interest in his welfare, a desire for his happiness, and the positive willing of his happiness as the object dearest to his heart."

"Dismiss all selfish ideas and all selfish pursuits. Cease to form selfish schemes, or to scramble after selfish good. Be satisfied with Christ and his love; so shall he accept your heart's love and make you his own."

"Tenderness of heart is always essential to peace of mind and joy in God. And where the heart is really tender, and it has been thoroughly searched and emptied, its peace will be like a river, and its joy purely spontaneous."

"To commit yourself to Christ, implies that you merge yourself in him--make him your end of life--make his glory your supreme end in all you do. You merge your will in his will, so that, apart from his, you have no will of your own. You wish for nothing, save what pleases him."

"Persistence in any form of sin cannot consist with supreme love to God or equal love to our fellow men. If we love God more than ourselves, we cannot disoblige Him for the sake of obliging ourselves. We cannot displease Him, knowingly and habitually, for the sake of pleasing ourselves."

"Sinner! Mercy yet calls. Jesus is here with the offer or pardon and salvation. No matter how great your sin. If you will now, indeed, back right out, and pour it all out before the Lord, wash you hands in innocency, bathe yourself in the blood of Jesus, and you shall be forgiven!"

"Without this love, salvation is naturally impossible. It is governmentally impossible; it cannot be, so long as God rules and cares for the interests of his great kingdom. The entrance to heaven is so guarded all round about that nothing shall by any means enter that worketh abomination -- nothing unholy."

"First, no person has any right to hope for eternal life, unless he is conscious of possessing the spirit of Christ within him--unless he is free from those sinful tempers which are indulged in by wicked men--unless he is free from a self-seeking spirit of doing business which characterizes the men of the world."

"Our own infirmities work out our good. How often do we see this! Physical infirmities and frailties teach us our dependence upon God, and bring us to walk softly with Him and before Him. They often compel us to exercise sobriety, temperance and self-control, and in this way often become our greatest blessings."

"The Bible mentions three great sources of temptation--the world, the flesh and Satan. The outward world is so correlated to our susceptibilities as to excite them and thus beget a temptation to self-indulgence. The flesh with its appetites and passions clamor for gratification; and hence the flesh and the outward world become temptations. Satan also presents his temptations in every form which subtle malignity can devise."

"In my last I said that hard-heartedness was stubbornness; that it consisted in the committed state of the will against the claims of God; was a selfish, unsubdued will. Tender-heartedness is the opposite of this. It is the will committed to the claims of God, in the attitude of obedience to God, of submission to him. It is, in short, benevolence; a state of mind adjusted in the will of God; a state that accepts his whole will, and commits the whole mind to obedience."

"God requires you to love your neighbour as yourself. Again he says, "let every one look not upon his own things, but upon the things of others." "Let every one seek not his own, but another's wealth." These are express requirements of God; they are the very spirit and substance of the Gospel. Benevolence is a desire to do good to others. A willingness to deny self, for the purpose of promoting the interest of your neighbor, is the very spirit of Christ, it is the heart and soul of his Gospel."

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